• Panther-Building-706x329
  • Shadow-706x329
  • Table Top System 706x329
  • Prof CUB with Bottle Wrap Conveyor 706x329
  • Panther Service 706x329
  • P2000 Headshot 706x329
  • P1000 Front-Rear 706x329
  • P8 Screens 706x329
  • hybrid 2000-P8 706x329
  • Custom P8e 706x329
  • Production 706x329
  • P2000e installed 706x329
  • P2000 SWG CW 706x329
  • One-Step Labeling GREEN 706x329
  • Label Anything 706x329
  • Dispenser 706x329
  • Ethernet AD 706x329
  • Custom Solutions 706x329
  • Connectivity 706x329


Panther 2000e
Panther 2000
Panther 2000 Blow-On
Panther CUB

Why Choose Panther Industries, Inc.?

Manufacturing labeling systems is our core business. It is not a means for us to simply sell more labels, ribbons, service or parts.  Many people say it, but check our references.  We are customer driven and we promise 100% satisfaction!  That means we aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.  We offer 24-7-364 phone support at NO CHARGE.  When you call our service department, you will get a live person who is knowledgeable in the service and repair of everything we manufacture.

What about the equipment?

100% “off-the-shelf” components – no other manufacturer in the industry is as dedicated to this design approach as Panther Industries.  Controller, power supply, sensors, motors, etc. are ALL off-the-shelf components readily available throughout the USA. A bill of materials submitted by Panther Industries always provides the manufacturer’s part number. RUGGED Design –  We use the highest quality parts in our systems.  Once you automate the labeling process, the system MUST run 100% of the time with no room for error. Panther uses electro-less nickel plated air fittings instead of plastic, ½” anodized aluminum main plate and stainless steel fasteners throughout. No Plexiglass supply hub disks, high speed ball bearings, real industrial sensors with quick disconnects and the list goes on…

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