Labeling Automation Solutions

A labeling automation solution from Panther Industries will immediately elevate your manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment processes to realize bottom line benefits through:

Increased Throughput
(achieve faster fulfillment speeds within the same or smaller footprint)

Reduced Expenses
(our lowest-cost robot replaces your highest labor expense)

Decreased Waste/Loss
(due to human error)


The Panther Difference

Panther Industries design and manufactures every print and apply system for durability and performance, incorporating the following in every solution:

Technical Innovation
Leading edge technology for cutting edge solutions.

+ Versatile pneumatic or all-electric options (for reduced utility expenses).

+ Fast, proprietary applicators and PLC controlled.

+ Flexible application methods, with tamp strokes up to 58".

Unmatched Construction
High quality components for standard and custom configurations.

+ Rugged 1/2" aircraft aluminum main plate.

+ Corrosion-resistant nickel plated fittings for durability.

+ Vertical integration – we engineer, manufacture, and assemble under one roof.

Simplified Maintenance
Off-the-shelf- replacement parts for efficient serviceability.

+ BOM (with part numbers) provided.

+ Non-proprietary software.

+ 24/7/365 telephone support throughout the life of your system.

Trusted Partner
Valued relationship throughout the life of your system.

+ No support contract needed.

+ Reduced (and fixed) daily installation charge.

+ Travel time not billed.