Steve Finn

Sales & Marketing Manager

Steve has worked for Panther since late 2014.  Steve started his career with American Standard as an assembly tech and eventually moved to management.  During that role, Steve completed green belt status in Six Sigma, conducted Kaizen events, led 5S initiatives and headed the safety team.  He managed up to 50 employees across two distinct manufacturing work cells.  After working in management for 13 years, Steve opted to try his hand at entrepreneurship.  His wife and two kids moved from Southern Colorado to the Denver area and here he owned/operated a regional print media advertising agency for 8years.  This was his introduction to sales, which he immediately enjoyed.  Steve added digital advertising to his portfolio when he joined TVME as national account sales VP in 2011.  In 2014, wanting to get back into manufacturing but also retain a sales position, Steve found a home at Panther.  Steve immediately jumped into the packaging industry, learning, and identifying customers and partners.  Steve is responsible for the Mountain time zone and International territories.

Steve enjoys having Colorado as home with its many activities.   Whether skiing, hiking/camping, enjoying the craft beer scene or attending his wife Carla’s exciting events spending time with family and friends is where you will find Steve if he isn’t helping to solve your labeling challenges.

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