Panther Industries is working to assist our customers with meeting PTI requirements.  We offer specific applicators designed around the need to apply a label to fragile products.  The applicators that we have designed for customers working within the PTI requirements are guaranteed to improve your labeling process and ensure your products always ship in the finest possible condition.  You can learn more about PTI here:


Labeling produce has always been a challenge due to the variety of shapes possible and the lack of resiliency in the item itself. When adding a machine to the equation its easy to understand why automation may not fit well with labeling produce. There is always the concern of bruising or other damaging contact that results in the product being completely unusable.


Panther Industries provides two very well suited options to address this industry need.  The first is our Blow-on applicator.  This applicator blows the label onto the product and presses it on with a strong burst or air.  Nothing touches the product except the label itself under the force of the air pressure that is set on the machine.  Our second option is a passive wipe-on system where the label is fed onto a spring loaded head.  We utilize a soft spring to minimize the force applied to the produce.


Both methods are guaranteed to apply your label to your product without risk to the integrity of the produce. We have used these applicators to label mushrooms, cucumbers, and numerous other produce items that are soft and easily damaged. Our customers have been extremely happy with the consistency of label placement, the resilience of the label(once applied they do not fall off) and the undiminished quality of the product.

Watch Active Blow-On in Action

Panther P8 - Passive Blow-on System