We have multiple Print and Apply Labeling Systems to fit your needs and budget. Whether you need to label items ranging from delicate pastries to a large pallet or from bottles to boxes, we have the system that will work for you.

Panther Shadow

  Panther Shadow Print and Apply Labeling System shown with 24" Electric Tamp Applicator

Panther Shadow Print and Apply Labeling System shown with 24" Electric Tamp Applicator

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The Panther Shadow Print and Apply Labeling System is designed as an entry level system into “real-time” on demand labeling. The Shadow is one of the lowest cost print and apply systems on the market.

The Shadow allows the user to print and apply a label in an instant. Unlike “loose-loop” systems, the label printed on the Shadow is immediately available for application. There are no labels queued up so the information on the label is accurate and real-time.

The Shadow is a great product for labeling in work cells. It is easily integrated with scale heads, barcode scanners, WMS and ERP systems. It is the easiest system to use with the built in Auto-Tamp feature. There are ZERO user adjustments outside of the printer settings.

The Shadow can be set up and working in literally minutes after removing it from it’s box. With the capability of simply setting the Shadow on a table and plugging it in, you can be applying labels in minutes.

The Shadow can also be placed on a stand and rolled up to a conveyor for top and side application of labels.

By adding RFID capabilities to the printer, the Shadow becomes the lowest cost, automated RFID labeling system available.

The Shadow accepts label sizes from 3” x 1” up to 4” x 6” right out of the box. The Shadow can also be configured for labels up to 8” Long. With standard configurations, the Shadow is available the day you place your order.


 Panther P8 Hybrid Print and Apply Labeling System shown with 12” Stroke Tamp Applicator

Panther P8 Hybrid Print and Apply Labeling System shown with 12” Stroke Tamp Applicator

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Ethernet Connectivity is not just a buzzword, it is here and now. Information Technology is driving the way we work and live. It is also providing the feedback of information that customers are demanding.

The goal with our Panther P8 Print and Apply system is to provide our customers with the information that they need, anywhere in their plant. In addition to that, our customers need a way to interface our labeling system directly with Allen-Bradley PLCs without wiring discrete I/O signals. We achieve this goal by utilizing Ethernet/IP so we can plug the Panther P8 directly into your Allen-Bradley PLC network eliminating the need entirely for discrete signaling between your labeling system and your plant floor PLC.

The Panther P8 is our latest generation of Automated Label Print and Apply equipment designed to be the most rugged, feature-packed print and apply system in the industry. One can only be “state-of-the-art” for so long without change. Our Panther P8 is built upon the strengths of our highly acclaimed P2000 architecture with the controls that ensure that our system is the leader in today’s market.

The I/O used in the new P8 is virtually limitless in terms of expandability. We have adopted “Slice I/O” as our new platform that allows us to add inputs, outputs, specialty interfaces, and communication devices by simply sliding in a thin “slice” of technology. The P8 design utilizes a brilliant new FULL COLOR touch screen interface (not just a colored background) that allows us to provide the operators with the control and feedback that they need to keep the line running. Our display system is very simple to use, showing you all the information you will ever need, in full color. As with all our systems, the control system is self diagnosing, now with expanded detail.

Nothing will get past your Panther Labeling System without being labeled or you knowing EXACTLY why a product was not labeled. If there is a fault with the system (labels out, no air pressure, etc.) the Panther will surely let you know. In short, nothing gets by a Panther.

The ethernet connection in the Panther P8 also provides a means for you to view the status of the P8 from ANYWHERE in the plant on any PC with a web browser. There are eight (8) web pages showing the status of the system just as if you are standing in front of the machine. The data shown includes the status of all I/O points, timer value settings, system configuration, and statistics such as cycle counters, throughput rate, lifetime counters, hour meter, and more.