Many Mail-Order Pharmacies are faced with the challenge of marking a prescription bottle with a great deal of information. Sometimes there is more patient information and instructions than you can fit around the bottle itself.  Panther is introducing a custom label applicator to address this need.  We call it the PharmaFold.


Mail-Order Pharmacy ship millions of prescription bottles, all with unique labels for each individual user. This process is typically done by operators who use a PC to pull up a patient's prescription order, print the order out, fill the prescription and the hand apply the label to the bottle. Using this process usually requires a large number of trained operators and is very inefficient.


Panther Industries has created a unique solution to this problem with our PharmaFold applicator. This application uses our standard automation technology and incorporates an industry leading, label folding mechanism. The label fold process leaves a portion of the adhesive exposed so that the applicator can apply the exposed “tab” to the bottle and creates a "flap" that can have significantly more information printed on it.


Our industry leading design is revolutionizing the way that Mail-Order Pharmacy can label their product. This new application method brings some much-needed automation the Mail-Order Pharmacy. These companies are not only beginning to experience the improved efficiency of automation but they are also able to better identify and inform their patients.


Watch a PharmaFold in Action

The Panther Phantom

Built on the foundations of our iconic P2000 and P8 systems, the Panther Phantom is the labeling automation solution designed to support your need for speed. Featuring numerous applicator options, this system can be custom-configured to address your company’s requirements to achieve maximum throughput.