Print-n-Apply Panther Shadow

Panther Shadow

Panther Shadow Series

The Panther Shadow Print and Apply Labeling System is designed as an entry level system into “real-time” on demand labeling. The Shadow is one of the lowest cost print and apply systems on the market. 

The Shadow allows the user to print and apply a label in an instant. Unlike “loose-loop” systems, the label printed on the Shadow is immediately available for application. There are no labels queued up so the information on the label is accurate and real-time. 

The Shadow is a great product for labeling in work cells. It is easily integrated with scale heads, barcode scanners, WMS and ERP systems. It is the easiest system to use with the built in Auto-Tamp feature. There are ZERO user adjustments outside of the printer settings. 

The Shadow can be set up and working in literally minutes after removing it from it’s box. With the capability of simply setting the Shadow on a table and plugging it in, you can be applying labels in minutes. 

The Shadow can also be placed on a stand and rolled up to a conveyor for top and side application of labels. 

By adding RFID capabilities to the printer, the Shadow becomes the lowest cost, automated RFID labeling system available. 

The Shadow accepts label sizes from 3” x 1” up to 4” x 6” right out of the box. The Shadow can also be configured for labels up to 8” Long. 

With standard configurations, the Shadow is available the day you place your order. 

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