Panther P8 - 100 Series

100 Series Specifications

The 100 Series utilizes a pneumatic tamp applicator that ranges in lengths from a 4” to a 24” stroke. This is a straight tamp, linear applicator which is ideal for top and side label applications.

100 Series Models

  • 104 – 4" Linear Stroke
  • 106 – 6" Linear Stroke
  • 108 – 8" Linear Stroke
  • 112 – 12" Linear Stroke
  • 118 – 18" Linear Stroke
  • 124 – 24" Linear Stroke

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Panther P8

The Panther P8 is our latest generation of Automated Label Print and Apply equipment designed to be the most rugged, feature-packed print and apply system in the industry. One can only be “state-of-the-art” for so long without change. Our Panther P8 is built upon the strengths of our highly acclaimed P2000 architecture with the controls that ensure that our system is the leader in today’s market.

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Panther P8 - 100 Series Videos