Panther Labeling Automation Solutions

Panther All-Electric
Labeling Systems

The All-Electric labeling systems take our other systems to the next level of speed and accuracy while eliminating the need for pneumatics and compressed air costs.

200 Series
Blow-On Applicator

The 200 Series Blow-On is made for delicate applications where direct contact of the product is not ideal.

500 Series
Corner Wrap Applicator

The 500 Series Corner Wrap system is designed for those situations where a single label needs to be viewed from more than one side.

800 Series
Single Axes - Dual Label

The 800 Series Single Axis - Dual Label Applicator is ideal for situations that require two separate labels to be applied on a front and side location or where the object is cylindrical such as buckets or large barrels.

000 Series
Label Merge, No Applicator

The 000 Series for label merge is ideal for applications such as bottles where speed is critical to your operations.

300 Series
Swing Arm with Blow-On

The 300 Series Single Axis Swing Arm Blow-On is made for delicate applications where direct contact with the product is not ideal and the product cannot get very close to the labeler.

600 Series
Passive/Active Wipe-On

The 600 Series Active and Passive Wipe-On systems are ideal for extreme, fast-paced label applications.

900 Series
Table-Top Tamp

The 900 Series Table-Top Tamp is a great solution for individually labeled items that need a semi-manual process.


100 Series
Tamp Applicator

The 100 Series is a straight tamp, linear applicator idea for top and side label applications.

400 Series
Swing Arm Applicator

The 400 Series Swing-Arm is designed for front or back label applications. This system can also be used for top-apply labeling.

700 Series
Flag Labeler

The 700 Series Flag Labeler is is designed for labeling items such as tools, tubing, pipes, cables or medical equipment among an assortment of other possibilities.

Panther Custom Series
All Custom Labeling Series

The Custom Labeling Systems by Panther are designed for all your specific needs that may not be filled by our other systems. A custom setup will address your very specific situations.