Panther CUB - 800 Series

800 Series Specifications

The 800 series utilizes a single axis - dual label swing arm applicator. The swing arm comes in lengths from 10" to 18" and is ideal for situations that require two separate labels to be applied on a front and side or where the object is cylindrical such as with buckets or large barrels.

800 Series Models

  • 810 - 10" Single Axis-Dual Label Applicator
  • 818 - 18" Single Axis-Dual Label Applicator

Panther CUB

The Panther CUB Digital Display allows the operator to change timer values like product delay and applicator dwell times directly from the display. The display unit also shows ALL I/O points within the PLC with complete I/O descriptions and the current status (ON/ OFF) of that I/O point. The operator can also obtain current statistics like Cycle Count, Current Products Per Minute (PPM), Hours the system has been in operation and the Peak Products Per Minute the machine has achieved. Error reporting with a recommended SOLUTION is another feature of the operator interface that is an invaluable tool for your operator and maintenance staff. Not only does the display inform you as to what is wrong, but also HOW to correct it.

  • WIDE up to 9.25” label (option)
  • UNLIMITED label length
  • Off-the-Shelf components
  • FAST and accurate servo drive system
  • PLC controlled (expandable)
  • Self-calibrating lagel registration
  • Full digital control with operator display

Panther CUB - 800 Series Videos