Panther 2000 - 200 Series

200 Series Specifications

The 200 Series utilizes with a blow-on applicator. The blow-on ability is ideal for situations where direct contact with the product is not ideal. Situations where products are delicate such as food or applications products that are too light for a direct contact application.

200 Series Models

  • Passive Blow-On Applicator
  • Active Blow-On Applicator with up to an 8" Stroke

Panther 2000

We started out by designing a Print and Apply labeling system that we knew needed to be built. This system had to be fast, reliable, configurable, and rugged. It had to have an abundant label supply along with one important feature that most of the market was lacking - a display unit that would offer self-diagnostics, provide informative data, and accept user input. Upon final completion we decided on a name. A name that exemplified speed, ability, and strength. A name that told the competition that their days were numbered - The Panther 2000.

The Panther 2000 is designed to be the most rugged, feature-packed print and apply system in the industry. We have taken no shortcuts in achieving our design goal.

Panther 2000 - 200 Series Videos