Panther 1000 - 200 Series

200 Series Specifications

The 200 Series utilizes with a blow-on applicator. The blow-on ability is ideal for situations where direct contact with the product is not ideal. Situations where products are delicate such as food or applications products that are too light for a direct contact application.

We Took The Cost Out, But Left The Quality In.

Panther Industries’ Panther 1000 Print-n-Apply labeling system is designed to be the smallest, most cost effective automated label print and apply system that you can buy.

Based upon our highly acclaimed Panther 2000 architecture, our model 1000 is a scaled down labeling system designed for low cost and tight locations. We have achieved some cost savings by making the whole system smaller and using an industry standard 8” supply roll. The small size also means you can fit your Panther 1000 into spaces that no other system in the industry can.

Panther 1000 - 200 Series Videos