Our most common applicator type is the "Straight Tamp" and is available for top apply and side apply labeling. This applicator is available in both pneumatic (our Phantom) and all-electric versions (our Predator). This applicator type is best suited for carton labeling applications but can also be used for other product types that have a flat surface.


Our customer is looking to ship thousands of packages per day.  They are looking for speed, accuracy and efficiency.  They may even have multiple production lines and multiple operators who are processing their out bound shipping. When their production levels increase they man not have processes in place to support the volumes they are looking for.


What they are looking for is automation.  By adding Panther Labeling Equipment instead of operators they can increase their through-put, decrease the number of errors and minimize costs.  We offer a wide selection of equipment in order to fit these needs.


By utilizing our 100 Series we are able to meet the needs of the customer.  Panther offers reliable and easy to use automated equipment that can easily keep up with any volume increases, while lowering unplanned downtime and operating costs.

Watch Outbound Shipping in Action


  • "Off-the-shelf" Components

  • 1/2" Aluminum Plate Backbone (not a sheetmetal box)

  • Rugged Industrial Design with Industrial Controls

  • Easy to Maintain Simple Design

  • Datamax, Sato and Zebra Print Engine Options

  • 40 I/O Point PLC is STANDARD

  • Built-in Operator Display with Unmatched Level of Control


  • Real-Time System Status and Feedback

  • Error Reporting with Recommended Solution

  • Complete Input and Output Status with Detailed Descriptions of each I/O Point

  • Adjustable Machine Configuration for Operating Modes

  • Printer Status Screen (displays status of all signals from the print engine)

  • Timer Adjust Screen

  • Full Control of Print and Apply via Function Keys