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STEM School Highlands Ranch Among 30 Schools Honored in Boston at International World-Leading Learners Convention

STEM School Highlands Ranch Among 30 Schools Honored in Boston at International World-Leading Learners Convention

Panther Industries, Inc. has been fortunate enough to partner with STEM School Highlands Ranch and see what an impact this partnership has made within the school as well as within our own company. We are so proud to have the opportunity to work with such a great school. Well done STEM School!

The STEM School Highlands Ranch administrative team returned last week from the International World-Leading Learners Convention, co-hosted by America Achieves and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, where they were honored alongside other schools from the U.S., Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea and Canada.

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The school’s recognition was a result of its work with industry partners and its unique Career Discovery Program, the first of its kind for Colorado high school students. The program offers students a menu of options for youth to explore STEM fields in real-world settings that could lead to internships, apprenticeships and full or part-time jobs after graduation.

Dr. Penny Eucker, the executive director of STEM School Highlands Ranch, spoke to the visiting schools alongside Panther Industries’ Christian Dow, who discussed how his company’s collaboration with the school is not just about philanthropy.

“We see it as a unique opportunity for the industry to give insight into the curriculum, while at the same time benefiting from top-notch interns who could likely become some of our best employees,” Dow said.

“To be one of only 30 schools across the world selected for our work aligning education with business and preparing our students for the 21st century world is quite an honor,” Eucker added.  “We were pleased to share our work, ideas and results with the participating schools.”

The two-day event culminated with Jon Schnur, executive chairman of America Achieves, echoing the need for industry and education to go hand in hand.

“We are witnessing the most significant and fast-paced economic change in recent global history,” Schur said. “Schools need to change as the world is changing.”

STEM School Highlands Ranch is an innovative, free, public charter learning community that aims to innovate K-12 education in order to prepare every student to lead change, solve problems and succeed in an exponentially changing world. For more information visit the school’s website at