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Pallet labeling

There is a high probability that the goods we buy, sell and store arrived to their mid-way point and final retail location on the ubiquitous pallet.  With the US alone manufacturing over 500 million pallets yearly, and an estimated 1.8-1.9 Billion pallets in use domestically, what are the benefits of utilizing a Panther product to handle the labeling?

With this many products on pallets, automating the process is necessary, as is the labeling of the pallet.  To ensure a safe, efficient, and cost-effective process Panther Industries has the Panther 1000, Panther 2000, and Panther P8 swing-arm.  With up to 18″ of reach, these machines can achieve front of pallet labeling, front and adjacent side, corner-wrap and side / trailing edge.

From a safety standpoint, automating your pallet-labeling process is essential.  Two main issues come up in safety audits regarding forklifts: the mounting and dismounting of the truck and the performance of any work in a truck right-of-way.  Both of these issues are present in a manual labeling scenario.  The operator must dismount risking a turned ankle or trip/ fall.  Additionally, many times employees are placed in harm’s way when labeling, as the pallet itself is in a truck right of way, requiring the employee to be in one as well.  Automated pallet labeling removes this hazard by decreasing times the operator mounts and dismounts and decreasing the time any operator must be walking to or working in a truck right-of-way.

Regarding efficiency, the Panther products of automated label applicators print and then apply the appropriate label for the particular pallet.  This is all done in a matter of seconds and allows for a much faster application.  With the correct SAP, the facility can verify the correct label was applied, ensuring that all shipping is correct, and eliminating the need to rectify mistakes with end-users and customers, track down failure points and remedy the situation with new documentation and training.  Panther utilizes up to a 14″ OD label roll giving over 3800 4″ x 6″ labels on the roll, meaning less changeover for both mid to high volume operations.

Panther equipment is manufactured with 100% off the shelf components, by an engineering based company.  The machines are intended to have attendants periodically perform label and ribbon change-out, TPM’s, and other monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance. From a day-to-day perspective, the machines are designed to be automatic, freeing up employees to engage in other value-added tasks to increase throughput and gain you market share.  The pneumatic machines are designed to minimize air consumption, using air only during the apply cycle and for the air assist tube.  Compressed air costs are a sizeable portion of machine costs of ownership and Panther has taken it upon itself to lower those costs.

Panther Industries has worked with large scale pallet operations and continues to do so with its commitment to answering the customer’s needs.  If you have a manual or outdated automated pallet labeling process in your facility, give us a call and we will be happy to craft a solution with you!