After ImTech acquired Arvada-based Stadia Label, Panther founder Jim Thompson struck out on his own and started his own label-focused manufacturer.

"We've always made industrial labeling equipment," says VP Christian Dow. As much as things stay the same, he adds, Panther's market has changed: The company has grown with e-commerce and is now a supplier to some of the biggest stores on the Web. "Our biggest customers are the large retailers: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Dell."

That means cutting-edge automated labelers that automatically detect the height of the package coming down the conveyor at massive fulfillment and distribution centers.

Dow says Panther is helping customers modernize operations with a keen eye on the tenets of Industry 4.0, a.k.a. the fourth industrial revolution. It follows that the company's products are designed to integrate with a customer's existing processes and systems.

The company's Panther 2000 and Panther P8 labelers include a built-in operator display that relays real-time information on job status, feedback, and errors.

"We're not a low-cost leader," says Dow. "We're selling a more full-featured product."

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