When you're in the production business it's all about the number out the door at the end of the day. I can assure these machines will get you there everyday. 24 / 7

Name: Ken M.
Company: FTC Services
Your Website: www.fairrington.com

Project Scope?
We use our Panther print and apply to affix identifying labels to mail trays that we sort to postal zip codes. 10 years ago we purchased our first and as business expanded we now own a total of 4. At a rate of 2000 packages per hour these machines easily handle the pace. Our first machine is still in use today.

How did we help?
Initially we ran bundles of strapped magazines. We soon discovered the standard tamp head would catch in the strap and lift the bundles creating havoc for consistent production output. After contacting Panther engineering and explaining our issues they came up with a new design that proved to be very reliable. When we went to the present mail tray product a similar situation presented itself as the trays would more often than not get crushed and result was a concave surface that interfered with easy application. In this case they sent us a couple prototypes. In the end we actually combined a couple of their ideas with our own as we could easily experiment in real time. After a month trial we sent a model to them to create a nicely machined and professional performing tamp head. This thing will place a label on any deviation in surface of the product to be labeled.

How did we perform?
Not once have I ever felt that I was not being treated in a professional manner. I have always been shown a true interest in suggestions I had based on real time experience with these machines.

Have you been back?
On a as need basis. I say this as the machines are that reliable you don't need to call back

Why others should use Panther:
Excellent service. Very reliable well built machine. Still in use after 10 years.