In manufacturing and distribution industries, there are at times the need to have an identifier label on boxes, bags, pallets or individual products.  Panther Industries line of automated label applicators can achieve this incrementing barcode in both picket fence symbology and readable human text.  The uses for this application are numerous.

Within the manufacturing realm; medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and circuit boards are some of the products that require this license plate.  Additionally, in fulfillment centers license plates are utilized at the start of the “pick” process to align the appropriate items with a corresponding, unique identifier.

Through packaging, for both the manufacturing and distribution industries, this license plate is scanned and downstream processes are initiated to ensure the correct items are contained and shipped accordingly.

The Panther 2000 and Panther P8 line of Print and Apply label applicators can generate this license plate internally, via it’s PLC.  Programmed into each machine is the ability to increment automatically, without the use of a host to ‘drop’ data to the Panther printer.  Whether its a simple 12 digit incrementing/ decrementing number, or a more complex number delineating specifics such as: plant number, line number, Julian date and more, Panther Industries can help you solve your license plate printing needs.