Panther Industries has heard the voice of the customer when it comes to more robust and effective solution for semi-automated labeling applications.

When manufacturers wish to forego the material handling solutions and opt for a semi-automated process, the Inverted Table-Top is a specific, and efficient solution.

Inverted Table-Top Print and Apply labelers utilize an inverted applicator and then custom integrate a flat table top mount.  The tamp head is projected through the table top to apply the pressure sensitive label to the item.  Various options can be included to ensure proper marking and reading of the label; photo eyes or sensors to initiate the applicator, scanners and or cameras to read the label, and in each case these can be flush mounted to the table to retain a sleek, safe and user friendly surface.

In addition, fencing or scribed marking on the table top will ensure that each label remains consistent across individual products, and those users needing across multiple product sizes will enjoy the ease of change-over with Panther’s adjustable guides.

Next time you are at the hardware store or grocery store and see the clerk scan your item, remember that the Inverted Table-Top Print and Apply can increase your throughput and do so for a fraction of the overall cost of a fully integrated system with conveyors and other material handling.