Medical Device companies need a fast and efficient way to apply their labels on to medical device cables and cords. Using operators or even a series of operators to print and hand apply these labels is a very inefficient system and can also lead to human error.


In today’s world, automation is one of the most straightforward ways for companies to increase efficiency and profitability. Automating the labeling process of cables and cord products can be very difficult to accomplish. Companies looking to stay on the cutting edge need to look to innovators to meet these challenges.


This introduces us to the Panther Industries MediFlag label applicator. This revolutionary concept is designed specifically with the Medical Device industry in mind. Dispensing labels onto narrow and thin cables.


Customers using our high throughput MediFlag applicator have been able to greatly increase their production speeds and also increase the consistency and quality of the label application. This results in a uniformly more appealing product. By moving to a Panther Industries automated flag applicator the customer also gains the benefit of minimizing human interaction and possible related errors.

Watch MediFlag in Action


  • "Off-the-shelf" Components

  • 1/2" Aluminum Plate Backbone (not a sheetmetal box)

  • Rugged Industrial Design with Industrial Controls

  • Easy to Maintain Simple Design

  • Datamax, Sato and Zebra Print Engine Options

  • 40 I/O Point PLC is STANDARD

  • Built-in Operator Display with Unmatched Level of Control


  • Real-Time System Status and Feedback

  • Error Reporting with Recommended Solution

  • Complete Input and Output Status with Detailed Descriptions of each I/O Point

  • Adjustable Machine Configuration for Operating Modes

  • Printer Status Screen (displays status of all signals from the print engine)

  • Timer Adjust Screen

  • Full Control of Print and Apply via Function Keys