Rois Baker

An Service Internship Update.

    "My name is Rois Baker and I’m a sophomore in high school. The first few weeks of being here at Panther were difficult for me because I was never part of the STEM or IT group at my school. I came across this internship because of my dad, and he thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get into the industry and see what I wanted to do after college and high school.



    I first started working on putting together mainplates for the applicators, so I was just getting them started so the other techs could finish and program them. And then as time went on, it started going from assembling these main plates to other parts of the applicators, then the print engines, and then other parts. I also programmed print engines and made mainplates when they needed it, helping out where I could. Doing this stuff at first was pretty challenging because it was all new to me, but it definitely got easier as I did it more and more. I got a lot of help from the others working with me, which made it easier to build the machines I was working on.

    My toughest challenge has definitely been wiring, because I was not tech savvy before I came here. I had to learn everything from the bottom up. I ended up enjoying wiring because it was so challenging, so it kinda went hand in hand. I’m not quite sure what I’m looking forward to doing in the future yet. There’s still a lot for me to figure out. This internship did help point me in a direction I want to go, but I’m still not sure whether the servicing side is for me. I’m now kind of interested in trying out the business side of the industry, which might be a little bit better for me. So really this internship did is give me some good perspective and helped me figure out that I can go on different paths with my life. It was really fun too. I learned a lot of useful stuff, not just in the industry but life in general as well. The people I worked with were really cool and I’ll definitely be back here at some point throughout the year."

-Rois Baker

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