Michal Bodzianowski

A Marketing/Augmented Reality Internship Update.

"My name is Michal Bodzianowski. I’m a senior at STEM Highlands Ranch, but have been taking my classes off-campus at CU Denver for the past year or so. I came across Panther while I was looking for an internship program to be part of. Mr. Shall (STEM Engineering Instructor), reached out during this time oddly enough asking various students whether they’d like to do an internship over the summer. I was definitely interested and before I knew it I had an interview scheduled with Mr. Dow (Panther Industries President). I wasn’t sure which internship position I really wanted to do, so I applied for both the marketing and the R&D internships, and I eventually got marketing. When I got started I met David, the new head of marketing and he gave me a bunch of assignments ranging from doing some social media work to writing up a report on the marketing strategies of our competitors.

Since then, I’ve moved on to other various projects. One of the projects I’ve specifically been working on, and am proud of, are these internship updates. I was in charge of interviewing the various interns and creating these types of blog posts - including this one. It’s a bit awkward since I can’t really interview myself. 

Since I had some extra time this summer, I also used my programming skills to join the Augmented Reality project alongside Ethan. We managed to develop both an iOS and Android application throughout the summer, so we also got a taste of just how challenging app development can get. It was a great learning experience for both ourselves and Panther.

I really enjoyed working on the Augmented Reality application as it really tested my skills and working with Ethan was great, I think that collaboration and cooperation with someone equally as skilled was really fun. However, that’s not to say that the Marketing side was boring either. Doing these interviews in fact was really nice as I got to learn more about the rest of my peers and their experiences over the summer. And doing some of the other content creation for our other social media platforms was definitely exciting.

The toughest challenge by far has had to be either getting the Augmented Reality app working on both iOS and Android, or writing up white papers for marketing. The former was tough in a more technical sense - the challenge was to be able to deliver for two very different platforms without doubling the amount of work in doing so. Eventually figuring out a system and working to build it, then having it actually work, was really satisfying. On the other hand, writing a white paper was a much harder creative challenge than anyone I think would expect out of a white paper. Before I could even start writing, figuring out the direction the white paper should go and have the best impact took a lot of research, brainstorming, and careful planning. And unlike the app, there’s no way for me to say that the white paper is really effective until we publish it, and even then it’s not so black and white. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ve always been looking forward to using technology and computers to the maximum extent in my future work. I believe that there is still a lot of untapped potential in technology that can be used to revolutionize, or at least, revitalize many aspects of our society today. Ultimately, however, I’m not sure exactly what I want to do. But this Panther internship has definitely given me many more tools to help me achieve what I eventually would like to achieve. I have never taken a business or marketing class before, so the Marketing aspect really helped me achieve some of that valuable business sense and marketing savvy, while the Augmented Reality aspect helped solidify the programming concepts I’ve been taught at school into a working application. Overall, I’m glad I spent the time at Panther this summer. Not only has it given me something to do instead of being lazy all day, I’ll be able to come out of it a more capable person, ready to tackle the next challenge in life."

-Michal Bodzianowski

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