Logan Griffith

Service Department Internship

"My name is Logan, and I am currently studying network security and engineering at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

When I was offered an internship at Panther, I knew that I would have the opportunity to be able to see a real-world environment where engineering, manufacturing, circuitry, and coding all come together to make a single product.

I am currently an intern in the Service Department of Panther, where I am learning how to assemble machines by hand. Every day, I am learning how to build something new, from assembling main plates to wiring control boxes, and that has to be my favorite thing about Panther so far.

After my internship at Panther, I plan to study computer design and engineering, as well as advanced circuitry. Eventually I would enjoy designing, manufacturing, and selling my own computer products so I can help pioneer the world of technology."