Charles Burroughs

A reflection on his CAD internship.

    I have been the engineering intern at Panther Industries for the past three months. It has been one of the best experiences and opportunities that I have had. During this time, I have been working with Joel Lessard and Shaw Brander. I have also been working with SOLIDWORKS® designing parts among other things. I started out learning about the way that Panther designs their machines and the way everything is organized. Then, Joel assigned engineering projects to me where I had to come up with my own designs and implement them.

One of the projects was redesigning a sensor design to allow for better adjustment. I first had to come up with an idea of what the problem was and what needed to be solved. Then, I redesigned the pieces to work with my design. After that, I had to find the hardware that would be used and make sure that my design would work with the hardware.

Another project was to design a mount for a fan to increase a swing arm’s label capacity. I designed a prototype in SOLIDWORKS® and then printed it via the company’s 3D printer. I then had to scale the part due to discrepancies with the 3D print. After it was reprinted, I threaded the holes and attached the fans to the mount, and then the mount to the machine.

The biggest project I have done at Panther would be when I designed a suspended stand to allow Panther’s Marketing Manager, David, to take 360-degree photos of any machine for marketing purposes. I came up with the idea to mount a hanging stand from one of the shelves in the warehouse. I had to measure the space between each side of the shelf and design the stand in SOLIDWORKS®. After the design was approved and the 8020 was cut to the size that was needed, I built it by threading the 8020 and then using the hardware on hand to assemble everything. Now, David has a way to show customers what the machines look like in 360 degrees.


I have decided to keep the internship throughout my senior year. This has been the best opportunity that I have had through school and I believe that it will help me throughout college and in the future in the engineering field. My goal is to go to Colorado School of Mines and Panther has put me one step closer to that goal. I would like to thank Panther for the experience and the opportunity I have had with them and hope that other students will be able to get this same opportunity after me.

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