I have just completed my internship with Panther Industries. I learned more than I thought I could during my time here. My experiences ranged from designing new parts to running machines in the shop. Panther Industries gave me the opportunity to do everything an engineer does. As if that was not enough, they helped me improve in my people skills and made me feel valued in the workplace.

I started this internship with a SOLIDWORKS associate, high school lab experience, and a desire to learn. When I started I was given simple tasks such as correcting technical drawings. After about a month I was presented with new challenges. I began to work with parts and assemblies. The mechanical engineer Joel Lessard showed me how to properly express the ideas represented in exploded diagrams, consider a complex set of variables when designing a part, and ultimately what it meant to be an engineer.

Learning continued to be an everyday activity. As I continued learning more tasks were placed before me. I was given the task of designing a new method of displaying the machines. This involved designing and implementing a solution to better display and demonstrate machines. I worked with parts from 8020 and the machine shop’s capabilities to complete the solution.

As my experience continued to grow I was even given the opportunity to work in the machine shop. I prepped two sets of tamp heads and aluminum blanks for a bracket. The next week I ran CNC Machine that made the blanks into mounting brackets. I finished in the machine shop by finishing the tamp heads that I had started. All in all, it was a cool experience to work in the shop.

Panther Industries has left me with nothing to ask for. They guided me and helped me to grow not only as a worker but a person. I want to give a special thanks to Joel Lessard for guiding me and nurturing my skills through this whole internship. I went from knowing what drawings were to designing and implementing solutions with his help. I also want to thank vice president Mr. Dow. He was always friendly and made it clear what I was doing right and what I could improve on. I feel much more prepared for the professional world because of his direction. Panther Industries has been great to me and I am sad that I have to go. I appreciate everything and have nothing but great experiences from them.

– Garrett Howard