Garrett Howard - 3d Printer.JPG

I am now a little bit over halfway through my internship with Panther and my experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. Since the last time I wrote about what I was working on at Panther, I have been given the opportunity to complete numerous endeavors. Instead of seeing what an engineer does, Panther has given me the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an engineer. I have completed projects that encompassed all of the steps of the engineering process. Starting from a problem to refining a solution.

To begin with, I was able to come to a conclusion with the R&D printers. I designed a new set of rollers for the printer to ensure that the label did not get crumpled or jammed while it was passing through the printer. I designed the brackets in SOLIDWORKS, 3d printed the brackets and implemented my solution. My first solution was not working. This is where I got to complete the full engineering process and refine my design. My second design outperformed the solution that the manufacturer sent us. This was something I was proud of and excited about. I was very thankful for the support that I was given by Mr. Dow to get as far as I did on that project.

Additionally, I designed a part and numerous drawings for Panther’s new machine, the Panther Predator P9. With guidance from Joel Lessard, I created a bracket for the new P9’s pneumatic cylinder. This bracket mounts the cylinder and tamp head to the machine. After that, I worked with Joel to create the drawings for the subassemblies of the P9. This continued what I learned during the first quarter of my time here. I was able to further explain how to help machinists and customers understand the applicators we make.

The learning curve has been steep. Almost every day has been a new challenge. Even though the struggle I never felt at a loss. The staff at Panther were behind me at every step. Learning and improving has become an everyday experience for me and I love it. I came to Panther to see what an engineer did, but now I know what it means to be an engineer. I am completely content with everything I have learned so far. I am excited to see what I learn next.