My name is Garrett Howard. I was given the opportunity to be the CAD intern for Panther Industries during the spring of 2018 where I work in the engineering department with Joel Lessard. Before I started, I wondered what an engineer really did. I remember seeing engineers and people who tinker with robots and sit in front of a computer all day making models. I wanted to know what real engineers did. Since I have been working with Mr. Lessard I have had my eyes opened.

I realized that being an engineer was so much more than making models. It is spending long hours on a project that solves a problem. The thing is, in order to implement a solution, an engineer has to work with others. I have observed and become a part of this collaboration at Panther. Mr. Lessard has a web of connections. He connects with the service department when they have questions, creates the drawings for the machine shop, and contacts customers about their unique solution needs. This was a new world to me.

When I started at Panther I dove straight in. I started out correcting drawings, which was something I had never done before. I worked with numerous drawings. My activities ranged from adding single sentence notes to reconstructing assemblies. When my drawings were done I hoped that I was able to improve the communication between Mr. Lessard, the rest of Panther, and the customers.

I have just recently begun to solve problems myself. For instance, right now I am working on some R&D systems. My experience at Panther has been far greater than I expected. I look forward to my next three months as a Panther Industries intern.