As my time at Panther Industries has come to an end, I have come to realize all of the valuable components I have learned over the past 8 weeks. Some of these I will carry with me the rest of my life as an Engineer. With the help of Ryan Kirkland and the team from the service and assembly staff, I have exponentially grown my knowledge in the industry. In the past, it has been “oh, a package, I wonder how they know how to get it exactly to me” to “oh, a P8 using some type of print and apply configuration got the label from the computer where the shipping order was received and probably applied this!”.

Using different technologies has really grown my understanding of the machines. Ladder logic, for instance, was something that was only briefly mentioned and now I have designed and completely coded a conveyor system with a metering device. Knowing these real world applications of code and other engineering techniques opens up a field of opportunity for me and my peers that participated in this program.

For the awesome helpful staff at Panther Industries, I wish the best, and to the future interns of this program, I hope you think of this as an incredible learning experience and not a job. This was truly unique and will help in your future as a young innovator of the twenty-first century!