I think that it is fair to say that Summer 2017 was a good one. I can confidently say that it is because of the many experiences I had at Panther. When I first heard about the internships available this summer, I assumed that there wouldn’t be one that would interest me at all. I figured that there would be jobs like Kendrick’s and Truman’s, jobs well suited for the technically oriented or hands on types of students. However, there seemed to be a job for just about every type of person, including myself.   As the marketing intern, I was able to acquire many much-needed skills in today's industries. A lot of the skills I came in with were utilized and developed over the course of my 8 weeks at Panther Industries Inc. I was also able to learn new skills as well. On a broad scale, I learned how to manage social media accounts and create email campaigns. Both of these skills I am bringing into other aspects of my life like the clubs I am involved in. I was also able to learn the logistics of working in an office, something most people don't experience until their first job. Luckily I got that experience at age 16.

On a more narrow focus, I was able to learn about the global supply chain and the print and apply industry in great detail. I would say that a large majority of people have little knowledge of these industries despite their global importance. It is hard to fathom exactly how much I was able to learn this summer but that I hope many other students are as fortunate as I am in the opportunity to work with such a wonderful company as Panther. Everyone there was extremely kind and took my thoughts and ideas seriously when many adults write off the ideas of us young teenagers. So, once again I must say thank you to everyone at Panther for such a memorable experience.