I am Truman Giesen, and I worked as Panther Industries' CAD intern this past summer. Sadly, the school year has started now and therefore I can’t intern all the time, but I would love to if I could. Working with Panther was my first job, and it set the bar high. I worked with Panther's Engineer, Joel Lessard, and he guided and helped me to become better and better at Solidworks, the CAD program Panther uses. I thought I was proficient in it beforehand, but Joel had high expectations and I benefited from that, learning a lot because of it.

Panther was more than just summer a job, or a resume addition to me. It was a chance to learn and to get the feel of a job, a real industry. It was extremely helpful for me to talk to other people who knew CAD and who were much more skilled at it because they can help me in ways that taking a class just never could.

I’m working on finding a time to take another level of Solidworks Certification, one that I did not think I’d be ready for at the beginning of the summer. This certification deals with the drawings aspect of Solidworks, a feature that I used extensively at Panther and had not used before. Without the experience that Panther gave me, I do not think I would have passed the certification at all. Now that I have spent hours creating and fixing drawings, I am confident in my abilities and believe that I will pass.

I would like to thank Panther for the opportunity that they granted me and the skills they provided me during my time there. The people, environment, and work I was doing were all fun to be around. If I were able to do the summer over again, I would do the exact same thing in a heartbeat.