Hello, My name is Kendrick Castillo, I am the service and assembly intern at Panther Industries, Inc. I was lucky enough to earn this position in late May after a series of interviews. While this was a new experience for me never having interviewed for a job, it turned out Panther had never had an internship program and I along with two other others had been selected for the first group ever!

After about two months of working alongside the entire service and assembly department, I have found my self-bonding quite well with them and learning more and more every day. Most of my time is spent in the service and assembly department if I'm not collaborating with Ryan Kirkland in his office talking about projects we could undertake during my time at Panther. Knowing about the company in the Interview process really helped while executing that knowledge when working since my job is based on knowing the print and apply machinery.

Knowing that I was apart of Panther's very first Internship team, I was honored! Later knowing the people I would be working with such as Philip Smith, Tyler Anderson, and Todd Sorden along with Mr. Dow checking in on me has kept me very pleased with the organization of the company and their ability to start such a great Internship program with no previous knowledge. After spending some time with the company I have found myself asking plenty of questions of my coworkers and never seeing them hesitate to answer.

Since the beginning of my internship I have assembled at least 10 full Panther print and apply machine and worked on bits and pieces of 20 others. Learning real world skills such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming has been very interesting as my current project is making a stop light out of tower lamps while using a module Wago PLC. Even though my Internship is quickly drawing to an end I am incredibly happy and honored to have met all of the staff at Panther, and hope well for all of them in the future of their great company.