Hello! I’m Truman Giesen, Panther Industries, Inc.’s CAD intern for this summer. I work with Joel Lessard designing and prototyping new ideas while also working on modifying current models to fit new product orders. I knew a lot about Solidworks, the CAD program we use, before the internship, but I know so much more now and am extremely comfortable using areas of it that I barely knew beforehand.

This is my first real job, so the application and interviewing process was extremely nerve-racking. I now know how to act, how to present myself, how to answer difficult questions, and how to create a professional resume. All of these skills were new to me, and I’m glad that I proved myself with them.

I’ve been working for Panther for about a month, and I’m still learning something every day. Earlier on, it was more fundamental, like how Panther organizes files and part drawings. Now, it’s deeper knowledge such as how to modify and work with file types I used to think were nearly unusable. I love the opportunity that working for Panther has given me and I’m so glad that I’m enjoying it and that it challenges me. Panther has improved my CAD skills to become a more well rounded skillset instead of being heavily focused on solid modeling with little comfort in any other area.

Before the internship, I had taken a CAD class and became certified in Solidworks through that class, but even with that level of knowledge beforehand there is still so much more to learn. Recently, I designed and 3D printed a camera gimbal for the marketing intern, Hope, as she makes a product video for Panther. This put a lot of my newly acquired skills to the test, as I needed to build all the parts from the ground up based only on similar designs.

I love working for Panther, I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer. If only the summer was longer.