My name is Hope, and I was lucky enough to earn a position as a marketing intern at Panther Industries, Inc. for the summer of 2017. I have been working alongside Spencer Winegarden for about a month now. The skills and general knowledge I have acquired while here are already countless.

For starters, I learned about the interview process. Prior to my internship, I had never participated in a job interview that actually made me nervous. There is only so much you can learn from interviewing at fast food restaurants, retail stores, and other various odd jobs a typical teenager holds. At Panther, I had to know about the company, about the industry, and most importantly, why I was legitimately qualified. Even if I had not gotten the internship, I still would have learned beyond what I could have elsewhere.

Fortunately, my learning did not have to stop at the interview process. After accepting the offer, I began to get very excited for my time at Panther. On my first day, I was introduced to the many faces of Panther. After getting comfortable however, it was time to get down to business. I gained a familiarity with Hootsuite where I am able to keep track of and post on social media. With Hootsuite under my belt I was able to start looking for relevant content that could be posted to Panther’s own social media. This process was a great introduction to everything that is the ecommerce industry and how Panther Industries plays a part in it.

Since the beginning of the internship, I have been involved in many different projects aside from social media.  My favorite two projects thus far have been digitizing a product survey and developing a new video to be displayed at trade shows. Both of these tasks have been exceptionally fun as they are both in my wheelhouse of expertise as well as challenging. With the guidance of everyone here, I am certain the final products will be some of my best work. It is sad to think I am already about halfway done with this summer, but I look forward to everything I still have to learn.